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“Rules of Work” Poster

 Rules of Work Poster Categories: Employee Development, Management, Motivational Posters for Office Size:  18″ x 24″ Unframed Make your expectations known with this full color 18″ x 24″ lithograph. Perfect for framing. Especially helpful if you have Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Generation Z working together. Perfect for hanging in your breakroom Clearly communicates your expectations […]


“Rules of Customer Service” Poster

 “Rules of Customer Service” Poster Categories: Customer Service, Employee Development, Motivational Posters for Office Size:  18″ x 24″ Unframed Make sure everyone is treating your customers the way they deserve to be treated by letting your expectations be known with this 18″ x 24″ full color print. Even if you’ve told people something a thousand […]


How to Be the Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without

In his other books, noted management consultant Glenn Shepard showed managers how to get the most from their workforce. Now, in the #1 Best Seller, How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without, Shepard shows employees how to get the most from themselves, their jobs, and their careers. Now that #1 Best Selling book has been turned into a complete video training program that explains what today's managers are really looking for in employees, what they place the highest value on, and how employees can surpass expectations to gain raises and promotions. Based on common-sense principles that will work for anyone in any career, this practical, real-world guide shows you how to: Answer the one question that will immediately make you a highly valued employee Excel in your job by simply showing your employer how much you care about your job Create job security by earning a reputation


How to Manage Problem Employees

How to Manage Problem Employees Categories: Management, Video Product Format: DVD VideoRunning Time: 45 minutes From: Glenn Shepard Dear Manager, There is a science and a set of skills for: Getting people to respect your authority Becoming a strong, assertive leader that employees respect, without becoming an authoritarian jerk that they resent Eliminating unacceptable behavior […]


How to Handle Difficult Customers

Attention Anyone Who’s Ever Been Told that the Customer is Always Right . . . It’s a Big, Fat Lie Categories: Audio, Management Product Format: Audio CDRunning time is 1:30 Some customers are just a pain in the posterior! Customers… You can’t live without ’em, but sometimes you can’t live with them. They expect you […]


How to Find Good Employees

Here’s How You Can Quickly and Easily Find All the High Quality Job Applicants You Want… Without Sifting Through All the “Dead Weight” Categories: Audio, Management Product Format: Audio CDWhat’s Included in the Box: 2 Audio CDs Plus a Free CD/DVD player if you don’t have one.Running time is 1:30 From: Glenn Shepard Dear Manager, […]


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We are an approved provider with the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) and Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

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“Excellent, excellent course! I have been to Tom Hopkins and Tony Robbins, and rate Glenn Shepard right there with them - at a fraction of the cost!”
John McFarland
JMP Inc.
Memphis, TN
"We've attended Glenn's live program and consulted with him on several occasions. Glenn Shepard is the one resource who understands how to solve the real world challenges of managing people better than anyone.”
Nancy and Ted Heaton
Ted Heaton State Farm
Austin, TX
"I knew going into Glenn's seminar at the University of Pittsburgh that I had a few problem employees. What I didn't know…what he enlightened me to, is that the way I managed encouraged them to be problem employees. Glenn helped me change the way I manage so I can better deal with my staff... from dress codes to where to find good employees, he hits every nail right on the head. "
Dale Ver Voort
Bradford, PA
"This seminar has given me the confidence to lead a strong team of individuals."
Julie Fiese
Daytona International Speedway
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