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Here’s How You Can Get Your Employees to Do Everything You Want Them to Do — Without Having to “Babysit” Anyone — Guaranteed!

Product Format: Audio CD
What’s Included in the Box: 3 Audio CDs
Running time is 2:16

From: Glenn Shepard


Dear Manager,

How much time have you wasted in the last year babysitting problem employees?

Suppose you could wave a magic wand and end that foolishness today?

What would that be worth to you?

Imagine… being able to get through an entire week without constant interruptions caused by employee problems.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right tools.

Think about it. Your time is the most valuable asset you have. When you spend too much of it on one employee, you might as well be doing his job yourself.

Simply put, why are you even bothering to pay him to do the job?

But Getting People to Do What They’re Supposed to Do Is the Hard Part…

It could take you years and cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that get some employees to succeed – while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right motivators, you can have it all in my new audio course “When Good Employees Go Bad”.

At last! Everything you need to turn high-maintenance employees into smooth operators who do their job and leave you alone is here.

Which of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Make Your Job Easier?

  1. The absolute best way to handle employees caught searching for another job on company time (and it’s NOT to fire them!)
  2. The right way to deal with employee theft (one restaurant still had to pay unemployment benefits after firing an employee for embezzling because they had no written policy stating that theft would result in termination). Also covers falsifying expense reports, mileage logs, time sheets, or clocking in coworkers (“buddy punching”), and abuse of company credit or debit cards
  3. How strict you should be about allowing employees eating at their workstations
  4. How to deal with employees who use foul language (and how you can be sued if you don’t!)
  5. How to end insubordination
  6. How to get ungrateful employees with an entitlement mentality to appreciate their jobs
  7. How to handle bickering over work schedules and who has to work on holidays
  8. How to handle employees who abuse alcohol and drugs
  9. How to handle employees who are good workers but are just in over their heads (the Peter Principle)
  10. How to handle employees who drop the ball in your lap when you can least afford it
  11. How to handle extramarital affairs between employees (and what can happen if you don’t handle the situation)
  12. How to handle the owner’s wife or husband who only shows up long enough to create problems but never stays long enough to solve them
  13. How to respond when employees ask you for advances on paychecks
  14. How to manage “beauty queens”
  15. How to manage employees after they tender a two-week resignation (“lame ducks”)
  16. How to manage employees who always blame others for their mistakes
  17. How to manage employees who always want to argue
  18. How to manage whiners and complainers
  19. How to get wishy washy people to make faster decisions and stop hem-hawing around
  20. How to manage employees who cherry pick the most desirable tasks and leave the crummy stuff for others
  21. How to manage employees who cry when corrected
  22. How to manage employees who don’t speak fluent English when you don’t speak their language (Yes, it can be effectively done!)
  23. How to manage employees whose carelessness causes problems for themselves, their coworkers, and you
  24. How to manage employees with a bad attitude
  25. How to keep yourself motivated when your boss is a jerk
  26. How to manage hypochondriacs
  27. How to manage know-it-alls
  28. How to manage narrow minded people
  29. How to manage pathological liars
  30. How to manage people with smart mouths
  31. How to manage slackers
  32. How to manage stubborn, pig headed people who want to do things their way and fight change
  33. How to manage tattle tales
  34. How to motivate lazy employees
  35. How to respond to employees who tell you how to do your job
  36. How to settle conflicts between coworkers
  37. How to speed up slow pokes
  38. How to stop employees from breaking the chain of command
  39. How to stop employees from bringing their personal problems to work (even when their home lives are like a Jerry Springer episode)
  40. How to stop employees from camping out in the bathroom
  41. How to stop employees from making or receiving too many personal phone calls
  42. How to stop employees from using company vehicles for personal use
  43. How to stop gossiping
  44. How to stop group gripe sessions (and keep from being ambushed by a hostile group of employees who are feeding of each other’s mob mentality)
  45. How to supervise employees who are your personal friends
  46. How to supervise people with toxic personalities
  47. How to supervise your own family members
  48. How to tell how of much of your bought-and-paid-for time is being wasted by employees sending and receiving personal e-mails or surfing the Internet ­- and the best way to stop it without interfering with legitimate business use of e-mail or the Internet
  49. The best way to deal with employees’ use of personal cell phones at work
  50. The best way to manage employees you don’t see every day
  51. The single best way to respond to employees who say “that’s not in my job description”
  52. When and how to legally monitoring employees by video camera

Okay, So What’s the Cost for This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this system could easily sell for thousands of dollars. In fact if you asked a top management consultant like myself to show you how to handle each of these employee problems, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $5,000 to $10,000, and that wouldn’t even include the audio CDs that are included with this program.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for “When Good Employees Go Bad” is only $997.

Is that fair or what?

That means you can try out all the tactics and management techniques at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not. And if they don’t produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. And I’ll let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving When Good Employees Go Bad a try.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t produce immediate results using these proven management techniques then I’m the loser, not you.

Look at it this way — $997 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste babysitting problem employees this year. That’s why…

You Really Can’t Afford Not to Invest In When Good Employees Go Bad.

You’ll have the answers to every management challenge you’ll ever face at your fingertips when you need it. There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not taking me up on this risk-free examination of “When Good Employees Go Bad”.

I started at the bottom and I climbed the ladder where I am now plant manager. This seminar has really helped with dealing with my employees, how to deal with my boss. Everything that was taught is something I needed to learn.

Heidi James
Image Graphics
Paducah, KY

I attended Glenn’s seminar a year and a half ago and it is totally responsible for turning our office around!

Ginger Bogle
Community Hospices of America
Springfield, MO


I love Glenn’s seminars because they are to the point to the problem we experience of in everyday management situations. Glenn Shepard’s seminar is by far better than any management seminar I have attended.

Linda Beem
Dermatology and Laser Surgery Centers
Dayton, OH


Glenn has shown me that it is not only okay but very important to be firm yet consistent when dealing with complications and struggles in running a business, and being a woman in a field that male dominated.


Kira Burns
Dave Burns Plumbing, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

There’s Even A Remarkably Generous DOUBLE GUARANTEE

Your first Guarantee: You have THREE full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get 100% of your money back immediately. No one will ask you any questions at all. You do not need a “my dog ate my homework story”. No hassle. No fine print. Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get or you get a full refund. And, incidentally, I’m devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you’re not going to benefit from my program, I really would prefer to buy it back.

Your SECOND Guarantee: If you keep the program after the three months, I’ll ride along with you for another nine months. If, after a full year from your purchase date, you will show me proof that you used at least one of my strategies, and you will look me in the eye on paper and tell me you did not drastically improve motivation, morale, or productivity in your organization that you would not have otherwise, send me a note describing your use and failure with my methods, and I will STILL refund every penny you’ve paid. I want you to see major improvements in your organization that you know you would never have gotten without my program, or I want to buy it back.

So, THREE FULL MONTHS, unconditional satisfaction guarantee. PLUS an additional NINE MONTH conditional guarantee. Plus FREE shipping regardless of your decision about everything else.

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No matter which method you choose, don’t put it off another minute. Order today and I guarantee you’ll IMMEDIATLEY start seeing AMAZING improvements in your business.

To Advancing Your Career and Increasing Your Income,

Glenn Shepard

P.S. This program comes on CD. If you don’t have a CD player, let us know in the Order Notes field on the checkout page and we’ll include one with your order for Free.

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients succeed, and we hope your purchase will lead you to your desired results. But if for any reason it doesn’t, we offer an industry leading 90-day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on everything.

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