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Hire Slowly and Fire Fast!

Format: Audio CD*

What’s Covered in This Lesson
If you’ve been in management for a while, you’ve probably been fooled by a slick talking job applicant who looked great in the interview but was like a totally different person once you hired them. And you probably remember a time when you put off firing someone too long, only to later regret that you didn’t do it sooner. This is why the best managers are adamant about following the age-old management adage of “Hire Slowly, Fire Fast”.

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What Are Monthly Leadership Lessons?

They’re brief (most are less than 30 minutes), informal bite-size training nuggets for people who prefer “Short and Sweet” over more formal in-depth programs. (Think of them as the doughnut hole instead of the whole doughnut.) Unlike Glenn’s full-length programs that cover multiple facets on big issues, these are very pointed and cover one specific topic in very specific niches.

On the 1st day of each month, he releases a new lesson (on audio) for his All Access members. In each one, he dives headfirst in a no holds barred Dr. Phil kind of way into behind-the-scenes issues you won’t find anywhere else. Many people use these for monthly staff trainings. Others like to listen to them in their car on the way to work. Either way, they’re like a shot of adrenaline to keep you pumped up and not feel so alone in dealing with all the daily challenges every manager faces.


Why CDs?

If you’re under 30, CDs may seem “old school”. But they’re still used extensively in professional development and corporate training for two reasons.

First, for security. Many high-tech firms that attend Glenn’s seminars and buy his products have to constantly worry about corporate espionage. Read-only media like CDs allow outside information to be safely brought in while preventing inside information from being taken out. Organizations such as the CIA, FBI, NASA, etc. also attend Glenn’s seminars and must deal with national security concerns.

Second, because digital files like MP3 tend to get lost over time. Having a physical disk greatly decreases the chances that a program will be lost and allows companies to build a training library over time that can be used and reused for years to come.

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