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Enough Already! Stop Letting People Waste Your Precious Time . . .

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Imagine this.

You need to get a project finished by 4:00 o’clock.

An employee comes barreling into your office and announces, “I’ve got a problem”.

How would YOU respond?

  1. Be quick because I’m under a deadline.
  2. Can it wait for an hour? I need to get this finished first.
  3. I don’t have time right now. If it’s urgent, see my assistant.


The correct answer is “None of the above”.

You wouldn’t hang up a sign like this on your door, would you?

That’s basically what you’re doing by leaving your door open all the time.

But what if your job is so important that people need to be able to speak with you?

Here’s how you can have your cake and eat it too…

Teach people to THINK for themselves BEFORE they come barging in on you.

You can do that by closing your door, and hanging a sign like this on your doorknob (or cubical or desk):

This immediately accomplishes 3 very productive and profitable things for you:

  1. It gives you the quiet time to concentrate and finish what you need to do — AND you’ll get it done much faster without being constantly interrupted

  2. It teaches people how valuable your time is, and to respect it


  3. It makes people think for themselves, so that they won’t be so “dependent on you

The REAL Reason You Always Have “Too Much to Do”

It’s not because you don’t put in enough hours.

It’s not that you’re lazy.

It’s not that you’re disorganized or unfocused.

And is it NOT because you have “too much to do”.

That’s the symptom, not the problem.

Time is Not Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or Bigoted…

God gave some people brains, others got looks, and others were born into wealth.

But He gave EVERYONE 24 hours a day.

Time is the most democratic thing there is.

It doesn’t matter if you dropped out of high school or got a PhD.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ugly as sin, or one of the beautiful people.

It doesn’t even matter whether you make $20,000 a year or $200,000 a year.

But how well you learn to manage your time will GREATLY affect how much money you make for the rest of your life.

That’s why you need “Time Management Skills for Supervisors”.

I saw how quickly and drastically my life changed when I learned the right — and wrong way — to manage the most precious gift we’ve been given.

I became obsessive about managing my time better.

I learned how much truth there is to the old adage:

“Work smarter, not harder”

The problem is, where do you go to learn how to work smarter?

I humbly suggest my “Time Management Skills for Supervisors” program.

In it, I show you how to get twice as much accomplished in half the time, eliminate most (not all) the stress in your daily grind, and actually enjoy your job like you used to.

Know Your Enemy (sometimes, it’s you)

Hey, nobody wants to get things done more than you do.

But while you’re going full speed ahead, it’s easy to miss the things you may be doing that actually sabotage your efforts, slow you down and keep you from getting the great results you need.

So we’ll start off by looking at the six biggest time management mistakes that good, hard-working people (like you?) make every day.
Things like:

  • Why it’s important to remember that life is the original reality show – and the things you choose NOT to do may be every bit as important as the ones you take on.

  • Why the nicest thing about your workplace may also be your biggest problem — and being a team player can trip you up time and time again.

  • Why multi-tasking is precisely as effective as you always suspected – and what scientific brain imaging has to say about the issue

  • The truth behind “labor saving devices” — and what these expensive toys REALLY cost

  • Why doing it right is good — but being a perfectionist can trash deadlines, sabotage relationships, ruin careers, and destroy your health

  • The single biggest time management mistake people make — and a simple strategy that will overcome the problem, keep momentum on your side and let you leave at a reasonable hour knowing you’ve done a great day’s work

Keep the “Time Vampires” from Sucking You Dry

Chances are you work with some very nice people — friendly, well meaning folks who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But in the glaring light of the workplace, these delightful folks can turn into deadly “time vampires” who thrive on the minutes and hours they suck from your day.

In this program, we cover:

  • A simple way to take back your time from the social butterflies — with a small piece of wood and something you can get from any hotel

  • A maneuver that takes slightly more effort — but, since all it involves is getting rid of something, it’s totally free

  • How making an appointment with one specific person can guarantee you hours of quiet, productive time

  • The most important word in your vocabulary when it comes to protecting your time. (Is it any wonder it’s one of the first words children learn?)

  • How to give people the answer they want to hear — while making sure you aren’t signing a “blank check” on your time

  • When it’s OK to go back on your word — and why doing it is sometimes the only honest thing to do

  • The exact phrase to use when someone brings you a problem. (Forget it and one crisis after another after another will pile up on your desk.)

  • A better way to delegate pretty much everything — and still get things done on time

  • A sneaky (and highly effective) way to rope employees into making sure YOU get everything you need to do done

Avoid the “Techno-Traps”

Not all time vampires wander into your office.

Some are there, just waiting for you every morning —in the form of today’s never-ending parade of electronic devices.

Email and Texting make communication easy — but leave people assuming you’ll get back to them the moment you read their message (regardless of what else you have to do.)

Cell phones are convenient, but they put you on a leash. Anyone can get you anywhere, any time — and get in the way of whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

The Internet is there — right on your computer – 24/7 and sites are cleverly constructed to pull you in.

And don’t get me started on Social Media.

The list goes on and on.

All these toys — and, I admit I like them as much as you do — are fiendishly designed to gobble up huge chunks of your time (if you let them).

Which is why a substantial portion of this teleseminar is devoted to showing you how to avoid the techno-traps and make good use of today’s technology — without being turned into a techno-zombie.

We’ll look at some clever defensive maneuvers, including:

  • The single best strategy I’ve ever seen for turning email into a valuable servant rather than a demanding master. (Yes, it requires self discipline but the effort is MORE than worth it.)

  • A sneaky way to use one kind of technology against another —and keep yourself from spending high-value time on low value phone calls

  • Two simple but powerful sentences that sound like thoughtful customer service — but are really a world-beater way to avoid telephone time-wasting

  • The one piece of technology that actually cuts unnecessary messages and irritating junk — and how using it will actually ADD time to your day

  • A sure-fire way to defend against the Internet’s time-sucking power

  • How a simple, easy-to-implement strategy can help you beat the world’s most effective hour eating device — time after time after time.

Make the Most of Your Time

You’re given 1,440 minutes in each day. Waste one, and it’s gone forever.

So it just makes sense to figure out if what you’re doing is what management gurus call the HBU (Highest and Best Use) of your time.

Are you doing something someone else could do just as well (or better)?

And, if you really are doing something only you can do, are you doing it in the best place and at the best time?

Not easy questions to answer.

So in this program, we’ll talk about how to use the “highest and best use” principle and look at issues like:

  • Why even though he’s frugal, you’re not likely to see a self-made millionaire at Home Depot — or hear him complain about the plumber’s $200 bill

  • Why delegating is so important — and how to delegate effectively even to people you have no authority over

  • The proper name for people who believe that everything requires their close attention — and why they tend to spend hours chasing their tails while others are getting ahead

Take Control of Your Life

Of course, those are just some of the things we’ll discuss.

We’ll also look at how deadlines — including the ones you give yourself — can move things more efficiently, help you discover your “sweet spots,” and use them to up your productivity.

Plus, we’ll look at how important it is to keep your “to do” list honest (you’d be amazed how many people don’t), build in consequences if you don’t get things done on time — and a whole lot more.

In short, I’ll show you how to take control of your time — and your life.

So you can leave work (on time) knowing everything is under control and actually enjoy time with your family.

By Now, I’ll Bet You Are “Worrying” About the Price …

Most people guess we’re into the $3,000 to $5,000  price range. Fortunately, we are not.

Since you took the time to come to this website, I’m prepared to offer you this program at the lowest price it will ever be available for… The price for everything included with my “Time Management Skills for Supervisors” kit, under the terms of my online store, is only $997.

There’s Even A Remarkably Generous DOUBLE GUARANTEE

Your first Guarantee: You have THREE full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get 100% of your money back immediately. No one will ask you any questions at all. You do not need a “my dog ate my homework story”. No hassle. No fine print. Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get or you get a full refund. And, incidentally, I’m devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you’re not going to benefit from my program, I really would prefer to buy it back.

Your SECOND Guarantee: If you keep the program after the three months, I’ll ride along with you for another nine months. If, after a full year from your purchase date, you will show me proof that you used at least one of my strategies, and you will look me in the eye on paper and tell me you did not drastically improve motivation, morale, or productivity in your organization that you would not have otherwise, send me a note describing your use and failure with my methods, and I will STILL refund every penny you’ve paid. I want you to see major improvements in your organization that you know you would never have gotten without my program, or I want to buy it back.

So, THREE FULL MONTHS, unconditional satisfaction guarantee. PLUS an additional NINE MONTH conditional guarantee. Plus FREE shipping regardless of your decision about everything else.

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Glenn Shepard

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