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Discover How “SUPERVISING PEOPLE & LEADING A TEAM” Will Change Your Business Forever

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Product Format: Audio CD
What’s Included in the Box: 3 Audio CDs  Plus a Free CD player if you don’t have one.
Running Time is 6:36

From: Glenn Shepard

Dear Manager,

If you Supervise People in any kind of organization, how would you like to:

  • Finally get accurately measurable, quick results from each and every dollar you invest into ANY employee?
  • At will, attract a flood of new job applicants?
  • At will, spark a huge productivity surge?
  • Inspire and LEAD any “age group” of employees . . . for less than the cost of one dinner at a fancy restaurant?

It doesn’t matter if you own a small business, work in a big corporation, supervise in a non-profit, or work in government, incredibly what I’m about to reveal to you can “re-invent” your entire management process for the better.

All those benefits, and many more, are readily available — with my management and leadership strategies, notably my “How to Supervise People & Lead a Team” audio program.

How I Can Help You Get More Out of Your People

My name is Glenn Shepard. You’ve probably heard of me — or heard me speak. I speak at over 100 seminars and events each year. Private clients pay me $500 and hour for phone consultations; and $10,000 for in-person presentations ($18,000 outside the U.S.).

One of my hottest, most in demand speech topics and consulting specialties is — “How to Supervise People & Lead a Team” — and we get rave reviews from the people who acquire and use my How to Supervise People & Lead a Team audio program.

I promise that you, too, will be amazed at the power of my unusual yet proven methods to virtually transform businesses and careers from ‘struggling’ or ‘average’ to meteoric growth and extraordinary success at blinding speed.

Now you, too, can put my “management wizardry” to work now, on a zero-risk basis.

I Know You May Go to A Lot of Seminars, Hear A Lot Of Speakers, and Own A Lot Of Books And Audio Programs. Still, I Offer this Outright Guarantee: You’ve Never Gotten Your Hands On Anything Quite As Powerful And Practical As My Materials.

I have assembled a product like no other — yes, it includes audio CDs, but you MUST NOT prejudge it because of that.

This is actually a complete “TOOL KIT”… real tools you take and use in your business. It’s called HOW TO SUPERVISE PEOPLE AND LEAD A TEAM and you might think of it as a complete, transformational, Management University in a box.

Here Are Just a Few of the Powerful Management Techniques You’ll Get with How to Supervise People and Lead a Team

  • A simple step-by-step process to developing the personal traits you need in order to succeed as a manager

  • The secret formula for eliminating turnover and keeping good employees

  • How to assert your authority when you are challenged

  • How to create the kind of positive work environment that people would kill to be a part of

  • How to set up new hires for certain success during the critical “honeymoon period”

  • The 3 deadly sins of management – and what you can do to avoid them

  • The easiest way for you to master the delicate art of delegation

  • The fastest way for you to become a master of motivation

  • The right way to motivate people to do more than you asked for

  • Understanding the difference between correction, discipline, and punishment – and how, when, and where to administer each

  • Understanding the difference between leadership, supervision, and management – and how they affect your career

  • Plus, lots more!

By Now, I’ll Bet You Are “Worrying” About the Price …

Most people guess we’re into the $3,000 to $5,000 price range. Fortunately, we are not.

Since you took the time to come to my website, I’m prepared to offer you this material at the lowest price it will ever be available for… The price for everything included with my “How to Supervise People & Lead a Team” kit, under the terms of my online store, is only $997.

There’s Even A Remarkably Generous DOUBLE GUARANTEE

Your first Guarantee: You have THREE full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get 100% of your money back immediately. No one will ask you any questions at all. You do not need a “my dog ate my homework story”. No hassle. No fine print. Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get or you get a full refund. And, incidentally, I’m devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you’re not going to benefit from my program, I really would prefer to buy it back.

Your SECOND Guarantee: If you keep the program after the three months, I’ll ride along with you for another nine months. If, after a full year from your purchase date, you will show me proof that you used at least one of my strategies, and you will look me in the eye on paper and tell me you did not drastically improve motivation, morale, or productivity in your organization that you would not have otherwise, send me a note describing your use and failure with my methods, and I will STILL refund every penny you’ve paid. I want you to see major improvements in your organization that you know you would never have gotten without my program, or I want to buy it back.

So, THREE FULL MONTHS, unconditional satisfaction guarantee. PLUS an additional NINE MONTH conditional guarantee. Plus FREE shipping regardless of your decision about everything else.

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No matter which method you choose, don’t put it off another minute. Order today and I guarantee you’ll IMMEDIATLEY start seeing AMAZING improvements in your business.

To Advancing Your Career and Increasing Your Income,

Glenn Shepard

P.S. This program comes on CD. If you don’t have a CD player, let us know in the Order Notes field on the checkout page and we’ll include one with your order for Free.

There’s nothing we love more than helping our clients succeed, and we hope your purchase will lead you to your desired results. But if for any reason it doesn’t, we offer an industry leading 90-day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee on everything.

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